Steamed rice pancake with grilled fish is easy to eat and prepare. Are you ready to try this?


Grilled fish: 300g

Water: 80ml

Fish sauce: 1.5 tbsp

Steamed rice pancake: 500g

Fried shallots: 30g

Monosodium glutamate: 1/3 tbsp

Dill: 10g

Lettuce: 2

Tomato: 150g

Pepper 0.3 tbsp

Spring onion: 10g

Cucumber: 1

Seasoning powder: 0.3 tbsp

Chili powder: 0.3 tbsp

Anchovy paste: 1.5 tbsp

Coriander: 200g



Deep-fried fish with cooking oil


Stir-fry shallots, add tomato and seasoning powder. Pour 40ml water and boil.


Add fish, monosodium glutamate, pepper, chili powder, fish sauce, and stir. Add dill and spring onion, after that put out the fish


Pour 40ml water, anchovy paste into the mixture and boil.


Spread the steamed rice pancake, put lettuce, cucumber, fish and then roll up. Wish you success and delicious!

Phuong Linh


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