Whenever there is strong wind or strong tides, the shape of the Zlatni Rat beach changes, sometimes is the shape of a hook, sometimes is the form of a nose.

In 2017, Telegraph ranks Zlatni Rat on the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The sea is crystal clear and the trees are planted by local people for cool shade.

This place is famous with ability change the shape when there is have big wind or high tide. This strange feature makes Zlatni become a symbol of Bol town and Croatian.

The top of the beach will be the most obvious shape change location. Sometime due to the impact of big wind plus the flow of water, the sand is straight will turn into curve shape like a hook. It even can bend like a shrimp shape and form a small lake in the middle. Sometime the beach has the shape of a tongue or nose. Many visitors come to Zlatni observe the interesting moment of nature.

The beach is far the Bol tower less than 2 km, very convenient for visitors want come to beach to relax. Has a shape like a small peninsula, Zlatni beach has two sides of the coastline 900m long.

Zlatni has no long white, smooth sandy beach. Instead, the stones are glistening, rounded and smooth under the sun. Many travelers prefer to have a sunbathing on the gravel beach.

In the morning with no windy, the waves here very calm. That’s also the perfect time for families with children come to bath.

Popular activities include windsurfing and kite boarding Strong winds are often called Maestral and often blow in beautiful days and this is ideal time for visitors play sports on water. Near the beach is the centers for hiring swim suits and skate board.

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Few steps from the beach is two restaurant, where you enjoy the local  local specialties under cool  shady pine trees. The remaining stalls sell fruit, water, pancakes…

Besides that, on the Borak beach near there, you can enjoy kayak, water motor, scuba diving, tennis or play tennis on Borak beach. You can also plan to visit Villa Rustica (rural villa). This is a term used by ancient Romans to refer to villas built in the suburbs. Today, tourists often call it in a simpler way, it is “Roman villas.”

Visitors to this place are also very interested to find the “rock of happiness” on the west side of the beach. It is a small stone in the shell, which looks like a fossil. Many people believe that this stone will bring good luck.

There is four ways come to the beach from the Bol town. One of the way is renting car, near the beach is a car park for visitors. Parking fee is around 9 euro.

According to the local people, the most interesting choice is walking along the coast. This is very beautiful walk way, under the shade of pine trees. It takes about 20 -30 minutes to arrive.

The third choice is take a cruise ship, you can take the ship very easily cause it pass through the Bol center all day, with one way ticket is 2,5 euro.

The fourth option is go by taxi boat from center Bol the Zlatni Rat beach. These are boat with a capacity of 20 to 50 people, the route along the beach price is 2,50 euro one way.

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