Skopelos Island of Greece is famous worldwide for its film Mamma Mia part 1. Go to part 2, Vis Island of Croatian became a place to be filmed by the cast. What made the island appeal to the director, Judy Craymer?
Vis’s mystical and fascinating beauty

Vis is a remote island, located 35 miles from the Dalmatian coast and takes two and a half hours travelling by boat from the mainland to arrive. Beside blue water, the charm of nature, Vis Island is attracting visitors by friendly and hospitable community of 4,000 people living on the island.

On the coast, there are ancient stone buildings and no high-rise hotel is built. The horseshoe bays are divided into two small towns, Vis and Kut, which stand 20-minute walk away apart. It is suitable for those who love exploring and experiencing.

During a tour around the town of Vis, you will encounter an ancient Greek cemetery, and a Roman cathedral buried beneath a monastery dating back to the 16th century.

Keeping walking for another 20 minutes on the hills, you will see the British fort Fort George built in 1811. Now, this place is used to make restaurants, bars, clubs.

Fort George from above

Looking beyond, you will find the beautiful Stiniva Beach with its fine golden sand, clear waters, which is one of the best tourist destinations in Europe.

Stiniva Beach, nestled between the small island

This place is quite close to Blue Cave, a mysterious tourist destination can not be ignored. The enter of the cave is quite small so moving into it is difficult, but you will find your difficulties is appreciate when seeing light blue and shimmering water in the cave.

In addition to beautiful natural scenery, Vis Island also has beautiful fishing villages with many delicious food which seafood is the most popular.

‘Peka’ – grilled seafood with terracotta or iron pot shaped bell

This town is influenced by Italian culinary culture. That is the reason why you can find many tasty pizza parlors, or Komiza bread here. Traditional salads filled with salted fish, onion, tomato and fragrant sauce will make visitors difficult to resist the attraction.

Vis is also famous for its large vineyards. It is a place where produce delicious red and white wine is loved by many people.

Although it is a relatively new tourist destination, only the boats anchored for one night around July and August, Vis Island easily overloaded by the passionate traveler to explore.

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