Now, daughters’ idol is (sometimes) not a male idol, handsome model nor a pop singer.

The idols in these girls’ eyes are their dads who have extremely youthful with an impressive sense of fashion and especially love children. Having these type of husband must be the dreams of any girl and woman.

So, dads like Kim Jae Han, John Wayne Kim, and Choi Min Soo became popular the idea husband/dad all over Asia. The images of them next to her cute little daughters or playful sons makes a perfect combination that every girl wants to get right away!

Kim Jae Han is a famous comic artist/webtoon in Korea. Although he has turned 40 and has two children, 7X father still wows many people with his youthful appearance which often get him mistaken as the brother of his children.


On Instagram, he has more than 80,000 followers, where he shows how loving he is to his children – Kim So Yul and Kim Cha Yul. In order to avoid being confused as their brother, Jae Han made clear notes, even hashtag “#Dad So Yul, #Father Yul” whenever posting photos online.

The father loves taking care of his children to the smallest details.

The father of one – John Wayne Kim is also famous throughout Asia for possessing a muscular body and an impressive height of 1m92.

John has a good looking face like being sculptured and a professional model. The father also owns a sophisticated and luxurious sense of fashion.

“Giant dad” John actually only makes people say “Awww” when appearing with his small baby daughter Ji Ahn. John is very delectable and often wears his daughter in fashionable yet adorable dresses

Another dad on this list is Choi Min Soo. He got married in 2015 with the beautiful model – Lee Hye Ju. Currently, their daughter is almost 3 years old.


Min Soo’s daughter inherits the beauty of both parents. On Instagram, Min Soo has 170k followers. He often uploads images with his daughter which receive a lot of love from the netizens.

As a model, Min Soo and his daughter’s costumes are all well taken care of.


Nguyen Mai Huong

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