Sunday, September 22, 2019



Start your diet plan with strawberry smoothie

Strawberry is an excellent source that contains very low amount of calories and fat. For example, a cup of strawberry smoothie might have 0.6g fat and 46 calories. Therefore, it is extremely good for health,...

Refresh with crispy fried shrimp potato

Crispy mashed potatoes covered outside the shrimps will be a delicious dish for your meal. Surely, your children will love it! Ingredients: - Potato: 400g - Shrimp: 400g - Egg: 1 - Fresh milk: 80ml - Whipping cream: 30ml - Salt:...

Craving sweet and sour quail eggs

It’s a new way to cook your quail eggs. This little delicious eggs can be innovate into an elegant and addictive with this recipe. Ingredients: Quail egg: 30 eggs Sesame: 1 teaspoon Ketchup: 2 tablespoon Vinegar: 1 tablespoon Sugar: 1...

Delicious grilled prawn with cheese sauce

Grilled prawn with cheese sauce will make your party more exciting than ever! Ingredients: Prawn: 400g Lemongrass: 0.5 tbsp Fresh milk: 70ml Onion: 0.5 tbsp Pepper: 0.25 tbsp Grated cheese: 150g Fried onion: 0.5 tbsp Char siu sauce: 2 tbsp Cheddar cheese: 2 Garlic: 0.5...

Simple making deep-fried pork roll with sausage and cheese

Making deep-fried pork roll with sausage and cheese is simple. Just spend 15 minutes then you will have a delicious dish. Now, let’s cook for your family! Ingredients: Pork tenderloin: 200g Salt: 4g Pepper: 4g Garlic powder: 4g Cheddar cheese:...

How to make steamed rice pancake by pan?

You might think that making steamed rice pancake at home is impossible because of lacking kitchen utensils. Don’t worry. You can use a pan instead. Let’s go to the kitchen and cook now! Ingredients: Rice powder:...